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After joining my current real estate office, I talked to the Broker about getting a better system, especially to handle the commission schedules.  We did the trial then selected your Realty Broker Office software.  I like the simple and easy to use layout, and love the commission calculations.
--Brey Cortland, FL
With your software, my office has finally stop using excel to track agents and commissions.  Everything is so much easier now.
--Brent Calahan, NY
Because we have a small office I had been doing things by hands.  My Broker saw your software and asked me to try it out.  After adding a transaction and seeing the commissions, I was sold.  I am doing things in half the time.  I am now able to stay on top of paperwork, due dates, and deadlines.
--Joy Gains, NJ
I have referred at least 5 brokers to your software.  I like your system because it is easy to use; it does what I want; and it make running my office easy.  Plus your support people are really helpful.
--Rosaria Lopez, FL
Clients Comments
- manage & grow your company
- data from all agents, closings, fees, splits, ...
- track agents productions, company revenue, pending deals, ...
- manage your business
- leads, appointments, clients, closings, ...
- handle your transactions; track commissions, fees, payments, ...
Complete Office Solution that is EASY to Use
- distribute system to your franchisees
- data from all franchisees, agents, sales, fees, ...
- franchise activities, sales volume, consolidated reporting, ...
- manage & grow your company
- data on agents, fees, splits,...
- track agents productions,
  company revenue, pending
  deals, ...
- manage your business
- leads, appointments, clients
- payments, transactions, fees,
  commissions, ...
- give system to franchisees
- franchisees data
- franchisees activities, agents,
  sales volume, consolidated
  reporting, ...
The Right Real Estate System for Your Office
Realty Broker Office.... designed for flexibility and growth.  Whether you run a small office or have a number of offices or franchises, we provide a solution that fits your business. internet software, so no special equipment needed. All you need is internet connection.

...includes support to make sure things are always working properly for you. guaranteed to put you first.  Compare our real estate software to our competitors and you'll find they cannot match the completeness, functionality, flexibility, cost effectiveness, affordability or improvability of Realty Broker Office!
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