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Technology Mix, Inc.

Realty Broker Office is a Technology Mix product.  As such it is backed by industry leading computer professionals and a company dedicated to both technology innovation and service that provides results. 

Technology Mix, Inc. was founded in 1996, and since that time has implemented thousands of technology solutions across an array of industries. Technology Mix has been recognized as industry experts for system implementation, system integration, and system development.
With thousands of real estate professionals having used Realty Broker Office, it is the software of choice for real estate business.
RBO Today

The Realty Broker Office software continues to be used throughout the United States by all size brokerages - small, medium and large.  Real Estate Brokers and Agents have made Realty Broker Office the software of choice for their real estate business.

We continue to improve the software, by providing the features and functionality that real estate professionals want and need to manage and grow their real estate business.

By listening to the feedback, questions, and suggestions from our clients; and by staying abreast of industry changes, we keep the Realty Broker Office software updated and relevant.

We have continued to keep our price structure simple, easy, and affordable, so that anyone looking to start, grow, expand, or just run their current real estate business, can do so.
RBO History

Realty Broker Office is an innovative software application that was developed in response from real estate professionals wanting an all inclusive, continually improving, simple to use product that would allow them to manage their real estate business from prospecting to transaction closings.

In September 2002 the product concept was designed and the development process began.  After beta testing and live clients usage, April 2004 marked the release of the product for commercial use.

Upon the release of the Realty Broker Office software, it received praises from real estate professionals as the innovation needed in the real estate industry.  Real Estate Brokers and Agents expressed enthusiasm about the amount of work being completed in less time; the simple and easy to use screens; and the comprehensive and organization of the information. 

Realty Broker Office was one of the first real estate software that was designed to be a complete internet based software application.  It was designed to take advantage of the internet technology, so that real estate brokers and agents could work at their office, home office, or any location.