Real Estate Agents
Brokers, give your agents the tools and technology that will help them manage and grow their business, and at the same time make your work load much easier.
Agents can manage their leads, follow-up activities, add transactions and upload documents; while the Broker oversees the information and focus on helping to close deals.

Broker has the option to provide each agent with their own unique login, whereby agent have access to just their information.

Here is what you agent can do with Realty Broker Office
   - Manage their Business
   - Listings & Buyers
   - Leads & Follow-up
   - Enter their Transactions
   - Upload Documents
   - Request Documents
   - Checklists & To Do Items
   - Appointments & Notifications
   - YTD Sales
   - Commission Amounts
   - Individual Login

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Agents who want an individual and separate system from their Broker can purchase RBO -for Agents.

Grow Sales. Close Deals.
Grow Sales. Close Deals.
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