ResidentialRentalCommercialBusinessLand,  and Industrial  are all properties handled by Realty Broker Office.  Track, manage, create transactions, calculate commissions, load documents and more.
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In today's real estate market, you should have a system that respond to the way you do business.

Especially key is a system that tracks info, that can give you a selling and buying advantage.

Whether you handle just residential properties, or you do both residential and rentals, or any other combination of properties, use the Realty Broker Office software to track of your type of listings, sellers and buyers
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Track Information Related to
property age,  repairs,  size,  heating & air,  roof condition,  neighborhood,  low selling price,  additional offers, ... and lots more.
Track the various types of data for your Residential properties; know how your deals are progressing; track deal fees and expenses; store documents and contracts; and calculate commissions.
Join others in the real estate industry,
who have selected
Realty Broker Office to help grow their business.
Track Information Related to
amenities,  pets,  security deposits,  lease terms,  condo conversion,  parking, ... and lots more.
Get it Rented.  Use your rental property data to match tenants and landlords.  Easily check your inventory.  Track which properties you have shown.  Once rented, calculate and collect your broker fee.
Track Information Related to
net lease,  cap rate,  gross rent multiplier,  cash flow,  rental rate,  zoning, ... and lots more.
Long term rental lease agreement signed, is what you want to focus on.  While you work on finding new investments opportunities and making deals, use the Realty Broker Office software to manage it all.
Track Information Related to
capital requirements,  competitors,  employees,  clients,  stockholders,  revenue, ... and lots more.
Looking to acquire a business that has a specific product line?  Need to buy a business that will add to your client's bottom line?  You can track your clients, purchase requirements, and related information.
Track Information Related to
size,  type,  zoning,  acreage, wildlife,  mining,  wetland, ... and lots more.
Scouting for expansion plans?  New housing development on the horizon?  Perhaps you have a client looking for a location to build a retirement home.  Track available lands, condition, and potential usage.
Track Information Related to
free standing,  warehouse,  size,  rails,  power,  multi-tenants, parking ratio, ... and lots more.
Need warehouse space, or an industrial location that can house more equipment, supplies or assembly?  Looking for a temporary location to test product development?  Track your industrial location requirements and inventory.